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Young Mining Professionals (YMP) is a growing international association of mining professionals based in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and London that share the goal of advancing the global profile and leadership of the mining and exploration industry. YMP was established to assist participants in obtaining the skills, support and knowledge to successfully advance their careers, develop a network of contacts within the industry, and identify career and mining-related investment opportunities. YMP facilitates these objectives through topical networking, guest speaker and social events organized throughout the year










The YMP Awards, presented in association with The Northern Miner, recognize two young mining professionals, a male and a female, who over the past year, and during the course of their careers, have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and innovative thinking to provide value for their companies and shareholders, as well as for themselves.

The Awards are named after two iconic entrepreneurs in the mining industry, Peter Munk and Eira Thomas. 


Previous winners




Nolan watson

Peter Munk Award Recipient


Alicia woods

Eira Thomas Award Recipient


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